Reliable IT firm in Nigeria since 2013. We are not just building apps. We are building solutions.

We are conveyors of dreamed innovations

Our Services

IT Project Analysis

We can help you analyse your IT project, develop it and maintain it

Software Development

Building software/apps is a core of our team. At O’Bounce, we call them solutions and we build what’s in your mind. We’ve always been able to capture the mind of our client and give them what they really need.

Computer Security

At O’Bounce, security is considered at the first line of code on whatever we are building. That’s why we’ve no track-record of hack since inception. We can also help you secure your apps and networks.


We can partner with you to bring your idea and dreams to life. We always enjoy the win-win scenarios.

Digital Marketing

We have an arm named O’Bounce Media where our job is to show you to the world. We do email marketing, SMS marketing, Social Media Marketing and private advert marketing.

Professional Training

Building the next generation of tech is another core at O’Bounce Technologies. We are keen at organizing professional classes to teach and practise codes.

Why us?

We got the tools

Yes, we try to make available the needed tools and resources for our jobs and projects

Certified Experience

Certified by top companies like Microsoft, Google and International places of learning

Competitive Pricing

We give out best pricing. We do not scare our clients with exorbitant prices without rendering the service as required by them.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our projects below can testify to this, they are built to last forever unless stopped by owner.

Several Years Experience

We didn’t just start, we can boast of several years of doing what we love doing.

Great Support

Our 24/7 support system is another best from us. You can always trust your project with us

Invitation to have part of our profit

Join a program that's making UTME students happy Yes, we are looking for smart Nigerians to be our agents Nationwide. Our product is - an award-winning online exam practice platform (won Microsoft award in 2017). This portal…

Get More Customers, Get A Dedicated Email Server

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How GDPR can affect your business

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Let's Expose You!

How about we expose you to paying clients by sending a campaign of your business to over 250,000 emails thrice in a month? Yes, email marketing has been proven over the years as the best form of marketing with higher ROI and cheaper price. Instead…
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January Free Programming Class

As the rate of employment is on the increase in the country and even more business crumbling in Oyo State. O’Bounce Computer Institute (OCI) take it upon Herself to empower few people by teaching them how to code. O’Bounce Computer Institute…