Welcome to O’Bounce Technologies

O’Bounce Technologies is Nigeria’s leading ICT firm vast in Software Development, Website Development, Email Server Setup and other IT projects. It possesses the necessary skills needed to get every IT project done.

At O’Bounce Technologies, we look into the world in search of unresolved problems, attend to submitted problems and innovates new ideas to solve the problem(s) especially those that entails the use of Information Communication Technology. We have been in service since 2012 and to the glory of God have completed many major projects.

The company O’Bounce Technologies, which has been in existence since 2012 finally got registered under the Nigeria Company Law with registration Certificate No OY64987 on 24th March, 2015.

Our services cover a broad spectrum of Computer Architecture, Full ICT implementation (computer system supply and branding), Website Design and Management, CCTV installations, Software Development, Project Management, Web Design Training, Conferences/Seminar Setup and other ICT related tasks.

We currently provide the best replica to the Jamb CBT software used across the country. Amidst the users of this great software is Apex Tutors of O.A.U, Apex Tutorial Center of Ibadan, St. Catherine College, God Is Able Group of School and many more.

We are also the website backup for numerous organizations in Nigeria, amidst are Elsatech Nigeria Limited (a construction company that cut across africa), PH Multi-Co International (an international brand selling organization) and many more.

We can only discuss a little, contact us today and let us help up you go a mile further.

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