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This is what I think you need next…

As with the emergence of several startups in Nigeria and the shaking of standing companies due to the state’s unpalatable economic condition, I think you should consider this.

From economics, considering the present stringent availability of income, everyone (including your consumers) need to necessarily make a scale of preference. They need to cut their coat according to their sizes. And the question you should be asking yourself is, “Will my product make the top 4 of my potential consumers?”.

This question is what you must answer with an unbiased mind or probably carry out a survey.

Here are 4 points I think can make you make your consumers Top 4 List

1. Be unique and quality driven – no one wants to find out that what he/she poured his/her hard earn cash doesn’t really worth it. Be unique, be of quality. Let people believe in your product as the solution they seriously need to put their money on.

2. Constantly make your reach to them – Yes, this where we can help you. Don’t just send them an email after the end of the year or during mid-year of your success and struggles. Make constant reach to people. Statistics shows that even when people don’t really want to buy, constant reach can make them try the product. Email [email protected] to subscribe to our monthly marketing package.

3. Do Promos – We should understand this by now. Most people are compelled by one offer or the other. Give them something so as to collect others later. I believe you understand.

4. Pray – Not to be left out. Commit your startup, business, idea, company to the hands of God

We have prepared a monthly marketing program that you can subscribe to at a pocket-friendly price.

Email [email protected] to subscribe.

We have these plans, the price and package for a month;

  • Basic Plan(#10,000 – one email marketing)
  • Starter Plan (#15,000 – two email marketing)Super Plan (#30,000 two email marketing and one day social hype),
  • Super Plan (#30,000 two email marketing and one day social hype),
  • Special Plan (#50,000 – two email marketing to a bigger and screened list and 2 social media hype)

If you have a bigger project, and you want us to hype the startup/company seriously, then contact us for a custom plan and state your budget.


O’Bounce Media is an arm of O’Bounce Technologies which deals with marketing and awareness.

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