The Power of Email Marketing

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If you want to build relationships, don’t forget the power of email marketing. Consumers may be addicted to social media but that doesn’t make it the best relationship marketing channel. While social is great for brand discovery and content sharing, it is an unreliable way to continually speak to your customers.

In our world today, social media seem to have taken over but not totally to marketing. Here are some of the bullet points on how powerful email marketing can be.

1. Higher chances of reach – Compared to social media, your subscribers will surely receive your emails if you folow all protocols while on social media esp facebook there are little chances that your post is shown to the followers as facebook algorthms allows for about 15,000 things (including sponsored posts, adverts etc) on users newsfeed. Even users that followed your page may not always get your content unlike email.

2. Delivers more content – Yes, this is a very good one. You don’t want to talk about your product with just two lines like on twitter. People will read it and read other things and they might not take action immediately unlike in emails. When a user receive an email, it’s the only thing he/she is reading at that time, he/she is able to concentrate and digest all you have to say.

3. Readers have your email forever – Unless deleted, a user can always go back to your email and read it over again unlike social media. That you posts something today and several people checked it does not mean they can always see it tomorrow or anytime.

4. Emails has higher ROI – Ask top companies including social media fathers like facebook, emails are still the best way to get more profit on whatever you invest.

5. Emails build relationship – We can all relate with this, you can easily maintain discrete, confidential and profit driven conversation with anyone via email than social media.

Although, social media seems to be taking over peoples’ time but business related conversations are always via email.

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