New Email Marketing Plans

We are glad to release to the public our new email marketing plans!

Check this out;

1. Email campaign to 100,000 emails twice in a month will now cost #25,000

2. Email campaign to 150,000 emails, four times in two months will now cost #50,000

3. Email campaign to 300,000 emails, 6 times in 6 month will now cost 100,000#

4. Email campaign to 500,000 emails, 9 times in a year will cost just 200,000#.

5. Email campaign to 1 million emails, 12 times in a year will now cost 350,000#.

If you don’t have your own email list, we will carefully select emails for you from our up to 10 million emails for free!!

For newbies in email marketing, email marketing is the best way to put your products or services to the heart of people. Researchers said its gives the highest ROI and this makes all successful organization to use it.

You can visit our payment page to see account details and get started today!

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