Let’s share it 50:50

There is love in sharing!

Yes, let’s share your website design and digital marketing bill.

How do we mean?

You want to get online and or push your products to the hearts of Nigerians but you are constrained by the cash at hand? This email is meant for you, read on…

At O’Bounce Technologies, we have decided to share the bill with you on any of our web design and digital marketing bill from now till July 31th, 2017.

So, if the website design package is calculated to be 100,000NRN, you will only have to pay 50,000NRN. We will foot the bill for the remaining 50,000NRN.

As this offer is possibly going to drive in too much calls to our support lines, we have decided to use only our [email protected] to handle discussions on this offer.

Our website design basic can handle a very elegant and secured website for your organization, church or company at our rate of 100,000NGN.

We design basic eCommerce website with payment integration at just #300,000 and custom designs (pure code, no CMS) will need you to send us an email to get the price.

Our ongoing email marketing offer of 2 emails to 400,000emails is still on at 40,000NRN and the list is offered for sale at 25,000NRN.

Need any other customized service, send an email now to [email protected]

Note: You will apply the 50:50 offer when you are making payment only and the offer does not currently support email server setup.

Terms and conditions apply

This is your chance to get that business online. Grab this offer now before it ends or we suspend it

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