Let’s Expose You!

How about we expose you to paying clients by sending a campaign of your business to over 250,000 emails thrice in a month?

Yes, email marketing has been proven over the years as the best form of marketing with higher ROI and cheaper price.

Instead of paying newspaper industries and other once-in-a-while media company huge sum of money, why not try email marketing for 6 months.

We’ve put up a pocket-friendly package for SMEs in Nigeria. Let’s send 3 email campaign for you monthly at the price below;

1 month pack = N40,000
3 months pack = N100,000
6 months pack = N180,000

Subscribe to any of the package above and watch out your sales for that time period and a little while after it. Because email campaign still works when you’re no longer sending campaigns.

E-Mail marketing is the only form of marketing that can clearly tell your story to your audience, get them coming back to read it and able to forward it to friend that might be interested in it.

Need to get started now? Call 07058850754 or send an email to [email protected]


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