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We want to help small businesses get online as early as possible

Great day,

A newsletter was sent last week on a monthly web package we created for small business to have a website without having to pay through their noses for it. Read it here.

But it’s quite surprising that not everyone understood what we mean. This newsletter is to make you understand better.

What’s the package?
As the price to develop a good website for a coy in Nigeria is always about N100,000 or more and small business may not have that huge money to put on a website design, then we thought of helping them to spread the price over 12 months with an initial payment of just N15,000.

So, with N15,000, you can get your website up and running within 5 days only that you will be paying N8,000 monthly for it after it has been launched.

What if I want to pay outright, is there a discount on it?
Yes, you can pay outright. And for that, you will only be paying N70,000 and N0 monthly fee. While still enjoying all the benefit we are offering the small businesses.

What if I couldn’t pay in a month?
If you default in a month, your website may be suspended and you will have to pay extra N2,000 to bring it up.

What are the other benefits attached to this package?
Yea, that’s another awesome reason to get started today. As our aim is to get small businesses exposed to the world wide web as quickly as possible. We have the following attached to the package;

  • A professionally built and mobile responsive website for your coy
  • A month advert on Facebook
  • Two emails campaign to get you some sales
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Full Website Security

What other thing do I need to know about this package?
This package is only meant for small businesses and not for big projects that involve online payment or a custom web app development. However, we can have a discussion on that big project and see what we can offer.

How can I get started?
Now made simple, simply contact via Whatsapp on 07058850754 or click the link below


Or send an email to [email protected] for your domain name suggestion and nature of the business.

You can as well share this offer with your friends to help them get online quickly.


Note: We can end this package anytime so it’s best to act today.

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