Get More Customers, Get A Dedicated Email Server

A dedicated server is the right solution for all personal and corporate organizations looking for a high-performance e-mail server because this server has the capacity to send your campaign to many email accounts with customized header and body.

With a dedicated e-mail server, you are the domain administrator and can log onto it at any point in time, whenever you wish to and you can also make the necessary changes to the campaign and the subject going out, you can mail thousands of email addresses at once. Setting up your own out of office auto-responder and thus this entire process ultimately reduces the administrative workload to a great extent.

O’Bounce Technologies is Nigeria’s ICT leading innovation company. We are the face innovators in Nigeria and work with the ultimate mission of using the power of technological innovation to improve the eco-technology environment. Our dedicated e-mail server solution is very efficient and affordable with vast benefits

  • economical,
  • quick and convenient,
  • provide important data and more content,
  • personalization,
  • easy B2B and B2C interaction,
  • more control over marketing strategy,

Price List
— N30,000 monthly or
— N70,000 for three months or
— N120,000 for six months or
— N200,000 for a year

And you can also get the following email database from us;

— Online shoppers list that contains about 560,000 emails for just N35,000
— Professionals email list that contains about 150,000 emails and contains people that own businesses, people working in Shell, Chevron, Total etc and young entrepreneurs and cost just N20,000

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