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How To Make Sales in Harsh Economy

7 sure ways to make sales this season Even with the economy looking grim, it’s possible to boost retail sales with the right techniques. First, you should realize that the economy doesn’t necessarily dictate how well your business does. What we see on the news is not always completely accurate and even when the economy […]


What can you offer us?

Yes, what can you offer them sir? We just got an email database that contains about 160,000 verified email addresses of people in Nigeria and ready for business. In life, it’s wisely said – No product is bad, only the presentation can be poor. And a wise man once said “Only those doesn’t have something […]


Welcome to O’Bounce Technologies

O’Bounce Technologies is Nigeria’s leading ICT firm vast in Software Development, Website Development, Email Server Setup and other IT projects. It possesses the necessary skills needed to get every IT project done. At O’Bounce Technologies, we look into the world in search of unresolved problems, attend to submitted problems and innovates new ideas to solve […]