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Get More Customers, Get A Dedicated Email Server

A dedicated server is the right solution for all personal and corporate organizations looking for a high-performance e-mail server because this server has the capacity to send your campaign to many email accounts with customized header and body.With a dedicated e-mail server, you are the domain administrator and can log onto it at any point […]

Let me help you understand this

We want to help small businesses get online as early as possible Great day, A newsletter was sent last week on a monthly web package we created for small business to have a website without having to pay through their noses for it. Read it here. But it’s quite surprising that not everyone understood what we […]

Let’s start this way

You don’t need a loan for that company website. Let’s do it together this way No need for any special reason why your business, church, school or personally you might need a website. It is now compulsory. Bill Gates: In the next 5 years there will be two businesses in the world, those that are […]


How GDPR can affect your business

May 25 was just like the new beginning to an internet world I believe you must have received some couple of emails in the past two weeks about what doesn’t concerns you `GDPR` especially if you’re a good internet person. What does this thing mean, how does it affect me or how might it affect me […]